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Teton Auto Credit Idaho Falls ID
Teton Auto Credit Idaho Falls ID
Teton Auto Credit Idaho Falls ID

In recent years, banks have tightened their guidelines for credit and auto loans, making it more difficult to find auto financing. We decided in 2010 to begin offering a service to our customers to help with this recent economic downturn. Lending laws have made it difficult for good people to purchase vehicles they need. These new lending regulations have had an impact on students with no credit history, seniors on pensions, retirees with limited resources, families with poor credit scores, repossessions, bankruptcy, and many more.

Teton Auto Credit Idaho Falls ID

We provide financing options for customers who are either Credit Challenged or don’t yet have Credit Established. We want to give people the opportunity to succeed and approve them for a vehicle when other lenders have turned them down. At Teton Auto Credit, we offer alternative solutions because we understand that bad things sometimes happen to good people.

Our program is not based on your credit score. We keep 3 important things in mind in our scoring process: Job Time, Residence Time and Income. We also look at what fits best within your budget!

Teton Auto Credit customizes your auto loan so it fits your budget needs and your pay schedule.

  • Short-term financing enables you to upgrade and re-establish your credit more quickly
  • Flexible payment schedule customized to meet your indiviudal needs
  • Monthly reporting to Equifax (to establish positive auto credit history)
  • Budget analyis done at pre-approval to set you up for success
  • Immediate loan approval
  • Locally-owned and operated
  • All vehicles receive a 100-point instpection and are reconditioned to be mechanically safe and reliable
  • 3-month, 3,000-mile service contract available (COVERS POWERTRAIN ITEMS)
  • First-time buyer program
  • ITIN numbers accepted
  • One-year auto maintenance included with every purchase
Teton Auto Credit Idaho Falls ID
Teton Auto Credit Idaho Falls ID
Teton Auto Credit Idaho Falls ID
Teton Auto Credit Idaho Falls ID
  • Copy of last 2 pay stubs, 1099s, or last year's Federal Tax Returns for both applicants on a joint account.
  • A copy of an ENTIRE home phone bill or cell phone bill
  • Valid Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming Drivers License for both applicants on joint account
  • Cash down payment
  • Seven (7) references completed in full.
    • including Name,Address,Phone, and Relationship (must live at different residence).
  • Proof of full coverage vehicle insurance
    • with comprehensive and collision deductibles of $500.00 or less, at time of delivery of the vehicle.



Teton Auto Credit Idaho Falls ID

OUR REFERRAL PROGRAM allows you an amazing way to get your entire loan paid off simply by sending us referrals that turn into sales. It's simple!

Just tell your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers about our program. Ask them to mention your name when they visit our dealership.

If they buy and take delivery of a vehicle from one of our Teton Auto Group stores:

Teton Auto Credit Idaho Falls ID


Sold referral #1 through 4 | Pays a $100 gift card to use at any of our locations. You can deduct this from your next loan payment for each of the first 4 sales.

Sold referral #5 and up | Pays a $200 gift card to use at any of our locations. You can deduct this from your next and future loan payments for the 5th sale and on!

Many of our customers come to us through word-of-mouth from people who know the value of good relationships. Building good relationships was the way we started our business and it's the way we have continued to grow to become one of the largest "Buy Here Pay Here" dealers in Eastern Idaho.

*Prior sales excluded. Sold referrals are subject to management approval. Customer must have a 6 month minimum payment record to qualify for the payoff of remaining load balance.